What Can I Use for My Face if It Is Sensitive, Dry and It Itches?

Sensitive skin needs an extra-careful routine for softness and clarity.

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Sensitive skin has the potential to be softer than petals if you give it the attention and care it deserves. When you don't take care of it, it becomes dry, itchy and even peely and scaly at its worst. Take a look at your skincare routine and see where you can start incorporating gentler products that balance moisture with cell renewal for a face that rivals a garden of flowers with its silky smoothness.


Washing your face is the cornerstone of any skincare routine. When you're at risk for dry, itchy skin, washing is a prime opportunity to turn your skin fortunes around. Use a cleanser with a low, moisturizing lather and no oils. The alkalinity -- or acid level -- of your cleanser is crucial to keeping hydrated and soft. Low alkalinity helps sensitive skin feel comfortable and look radiant.


You may have gone through a million moisturizers trying to keep your sensitive skin from feeling too tight across your face. When you're combating itchiness, too, a simple choice like a moisturizer can feel like a minefield. Choose moisturizers with as few ingredients as possible. If you're more dry than sensitive, you can incorporate a natural, organic oil in your moisturizer. If you flare up easily, tea tree oil can help with inflammation and redness, too, but patch test it first. The silkier a moisturizer goes on your skin, the better, since it reduces rubbing.


Finding anti-aging products that work on sensitive skin presents a whole raft of challenges. Most anti-aging products use some kind of ingredient to turn over skin cells that is just no good for your baby face. Find a fragrance-free product with soy in it to help skin renew itself while preventing itchy dryness or sensitive redness. If you can stand oils, essential oils with high levels of vitamin C brighten skin, but be aware of the acid content. Low acid is all your sensitive face can handle.


Your cosmetic choices are so much more about what isn't in them than what is. Read the ingredient list on all makeup before you buy it and, if you're not sure, call the company's customer service and ask them to email you or talk you through the list. Stay away from fragrance, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, alcohol, aluminum and phthalates. Not only do these cause irritation, they're carcinogenic in high doses.

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