Can I Use Eyeliner to Fill in My Eyebrows?


If your eyebrows are a little thin or just not shaped quite right, you might have to call for reinforcements — namely an eyeliner pen or pencil. Eyeliner isn’t just for making your mascara and eye makeup pop. Use it like a little correction pen to make your eyebrows look fuller and more defined.

Liquid or Pencil?

When filling in your eyebrows, you have to choose between a liquid pen or brush or a pencil. A pen is easier to apply and saturates a little better. But when it’s hot outside or you think you’ll probably be doing activities that cause you to sweat, it’s a best to use a pencil, to minimize the chance of the liner ink running down your face. Look for an eyeliner that clearly says “waterproof.”

Find the Beginning and End

When you’re filling in your eyebrows with an eyeliner brush or pencil, you need to know where to start and end first. A general rule of thumb is that the inside tip of the eyebrow should line up with the inside edge of your eye. The outside tip of the eyebrow ends about a half inch outside of the outside edge of your eye. Take your eyeliner pencil and rest one end on the edge of the nostril, with the other end going across the outer edge of your eye. The place where the end of the pencil goes past your eyebrow is where you should end the filled-in brow.

Filling in Eyebrows

Your first step when filling in your eyebrow is to draw a tracing around your brow and the hairs you have there now. You can create your own little cutout on a piece of paper to use as a guide, or freehand it. Use a white eyeliner pencil if you have one to make the tracing outline — you can go over it or wipe it away later. When done, gently pull the pencil, pen or brush from the inside of the brow outward, until it is darkened to your liking.


Though the eyeliner helps your makeup look more polished, don’t take it to another level. Some ladies make the unfortunate mistake of plucking or shaving off all the hairs and drawing new ones in! Don’t do that — you need some hair there for it to look authentic.

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