How Can I Stop a Bra From Itching Me?

A change in bra style or fabric might solve your itchiness issues.

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Is there anything worse than an itchy bra? No matter how fab you look in your outfit, you're not going to be putting your best self forward if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin all day. Some bras -- especially cheap ones that don't fit you well -- are just notoriously uncomfortable, and it takes some gals awhile to find their perfect fit. Do some damage control in the meantime, and take some time to invest in a super-comfortable bra that fits like a second skin. You're worth it.


Soothe itchy shoulders by slipping silicone strap protectors onto your bra straps. They're available wherever intimates are sold, are inexpensive, and will put a soft barrier between your delicate skin and those decisively indelicate straps and adjusters.


Replace any bras that are damaged or worn out -- for example, if the underwire is starting to poke through the fabric. It may be hard to let go of a favorite bra, but they don't last forever. When shopping for replacements, look for high-quality models that emphasize comfort; there should be as little contact between your skin and metal or hard plastic as possible.


Eliminate whatever's causing your itch, based on the area in which it's occurring. Itchy back where the hooks are? Try a front-hooking bra. Straps got you ready to scream? Go strapless. Itchy cups? You might have a sensitivity to the fabric the bra is made of; most bras are a synthetic blend, such as nylon, so try an underwire-free cotton bra.

Things You'll Need


1.Silicone strap protectors


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