How Can I Get a Stain Out of My Taffetta Gown?

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A type of silk made from white silk moths, taffeta features a crisp finish and soft feel. Taffeta features a light shine. The texture and shine make it a common choice for gowns, as anyone who's been a bridesmaid can attest. When treating taffeta for general stains or cleaning your gown in general, you've got two choices. Play it safe and clean your garment in the approved, safe way, or go rogue and try DIY cleaning if you cannot afford dry cleaning.


Mark the stained area with a small piece of masking tape so you can find it.


Take the taffeta to the dry cleaners for safe cleaning. Point out the stained area and inform them what stained the gown, if you know. This is the absolute safest way to get that stain out of your gown. You can try DIY stain removal to save a few bucks, but you might hurt your gown.


Pre-treat the stain, using the right method for the stain substance. Protein stains like milk or cheese require a cold-water soak before washing. Tannin stains, including wine or coffee, need direct laundering in hot water with liquid detergent. Oil-based stains like cooking oil or face cream require a pre-treatment with heavy-duty laundry detergent.


Wash the garment by hand in cold water after the pre-treatment. Even if the treatment suggests hot water, stick to cold to keep it safe. Use a gentle laundry detergent to launder the dress.


Press excess water out of the dress with your hands, instead of wringing it out. Remove as much waster as you can via pressing to shorten the dry time.


Hang your taffeta up to air dry.


Inspect your dress once it dries to see if the stain's gone. Repeat the treatment if necessary or head to the dry cleaners

Things You'll Need


1.Masking tape

3.Gentle laundry detergent

2.Heavy-duty laundry detergent (optional)


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