Can Sponge Curlers Give You Tight Curls?

Use sponge rollers right and you'll be rockin' tight curls.

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If you have the time and you’re looking for a head full of curls, there are no-heat options that will produce big-time body. Sponge curlers can give you tight curls as long as you prep your hair and do the roll up right. You’ll also have to give them time to produce the bountiful ringlets you want -- this probably means sleeping on your curlers.

Prep Your Hair

Before you even reach for the curlers, take the time to slather styling product on your hair that will help create lavish curls. Use a setting lotion that will help your hair hold the curls without frizzing out on you. A setting lotion is especially crucial for girls with fine hair to get the strands to behave properly when using sponge curlers. Get your hair damp, apply the setting lotion liberally over your whole head and comb it through evenly.

Small Curlers

Grab as many small curlers as it takes to roll your whole head up in small sections. This is the key to making tight curls. If you scrimp here and create bigger sections with bigger curlers, you’re going to be disappointed when you remove the curlers. You need to make 1-inch sections of hair and roll every section up tightly on the size small sponge curlers -- not medium or large.

Give it Time

After rolling meticulous sections on small curlers, you get to kick back for as long as it takes for your hair to dry completely. Don't cheat and remove the curlers before your hair is totally dry. One of the best ways to curl your hair in sponge curlers is to roll it up in the evening, chill for a few hours and then sleep on it. It won’t be that bad and when you wake up in the morning to a head full of curlicues, you’ll be glad you did. If you're afraid that sleeping on the curlers will mess them up, tie a scarf around your head.

Style Carefully

After removing each curler carefully -- without pulling or tugging on your hair, by the way -- spritz your entire head with a finishing spray that will keep those curls in place without turning them to stone. After spraying the finishing spray lightly, let it dry and then finger-comb your curls lightly. Don’t get too heavy-handed even with finger-combing, though, or you could end up with frizz instead of curls. Spray your hair one more time with the finishing spray after you finish arranging the curls and you’re good to go.

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