What Can Soften Coarse Hair?

Soften your coarse hair with a few simple techniques.

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If your coarse hair looks more like a scouring pad than a sexy mane, you need to get on that. Although coarse hair does have its advantages -- like it's uber strong -- it can also be a diva and seriously difficult to work with. Of course you can put nasty chemicals to alter its composition, but do you really want to do that? Probably not. Instead, do some things at home that can take your mane from wild to wow.

Switch Shampoos

Your shampoo plays a big role in the texture of your hair. If you use the wrong kind, it can strip your locks of their moisture and leave them brittle and busted. Coarse-haired chicks should cleanse their tresses with shampoos that are sans balsams, proteins or body-building ingredients. Instead, look for products that are alkaline-based, which will soften the hair shaft. A softer shaft typically results in smoother and less coarse hair.

Moisturize Like Mad

Coarse hair is typically pretty dry. The way to calm that coarseness is to moisturize like crazy. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to infuse your tresses with moisture that will keep the coarseness to a minimum. Additionally, use a cream rinse instead of a conditioner on a daily basis. Cream rinses are typically better at penetrating coarse hair and getting it to soften up than conditioners. And keep that cream rinse on about three times longer than the bottle says, just to make sure you get those tresses hydrated.

Lovely Lotion

Your body lotion softens your skin, right? So, naturally, it softens your hair, too. After you get your hair all nice and dry, rub a dime-sized amount of lotion on your palms, then run your hands through your hair. Doing so softens those rough hairs and also provides protection from flyaways and frizz throughout the day, which coarse hair is often prone to. Just don't overdo it, or you'll look greasy.

Choose Your Products Carefully

Don't apply just any old product to your 'do; make sure it's going to benefit your hair. Look at the moisturizing gels, pomades, hairspray, waxes or whatever you put on your hair. Many of these products dry out hair because they contain alcohol, which is lame. Make sure your hair products won't cause any additional damage, and actually improve its texture.

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