Can You Safely Perm & Dye Your Hair at the Same Time?

Learn how to score permed and colored locks.

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There are two types of perms. One type makes your straight hair curly and the other type makes curly hair straight. Either way you go, if you decide to perm your hair, you'll have to be careful when coloring it. Rocking a perm, colored-hair combo the right way can look super stylish, but doing it the wrong way can have bad results.

Curly Perms

Curly perms apply chemicals to your hair to take it from straight to coiled. Because these chemicals can be drying, you really shouldn't try to color your hair at the same time you perm it. Instead, give your hair about a two-week break.

The Order

If you decide you want to wear your hair curly and dyed, never dye your coif before getting your perm. Perms can strip hair of its color, so you'll basically end up wasting time and cash if you color your hair first. Instead, perm your strands, wait that two-week period and go back for your color.

Straight Perm

If you choose to get a perm that takes your hair from curly to straight, you've got to worry about drying out and damaging your locks, too. The same rule applies to you about waiting time. Give your hair about a two-week break between coloring and perming, just to be safe.

Skip the Peroxide

If you have a straightening perm, try to stay away from permanent dyes that contain peroxide. Perms strip the hair and leave it super dry, as do peroxides. Adding peroxides on top of your perm is going to put your hair at risk for tons of damage. Instead, opt for semi-permanent colors that are peroxide free and will be much kinder to your mane.

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