Can I Get an S Curl Look Without Using a Texturizer?

Moisture is the key to getting the S-curls you crave.

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Type 3 S-curls are the cause of female envy across the nation. They look romantic, soft and give your mane great body. To achieve this look, some girls kill their hair with texturizers, which have hair-damaging ingredients. When you want an S-curl look without resorting to harsh chemicals, the best thing you can do for your hair is treat it lovingly.


Texturizers are similar to hair relaxers and come in lye and no-lye formulas. Women with Type 4 curly hair use texturizers to loosen their kinky tresses into a type that’s more manageable. The problem with texturizers is that they can cause your locks to lose moisture, become fragile and break with time. If you have an allergic reaction to a texturizing product, you can experience hair loss. Not hot.

The Right Shampoo

The best way to get an S-curl look without harsh chemicals is to have a hair care routine that promotes the coiled shape you love and keeps your locks moisturized. Start from square one and choose a gentle moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t contain any sulfates. The point is to wash your hair to get rid of pollen, dust and hair products, but not strip it of its natural oils.

Conditioners and Co-Washing

Always use a moisturizing hair conditioner after you shampoo. Curly Suzy of the site Naturally Curly also recommends using a deep conditioning treatment on your tresses a couple times a month to help replenish your naturally thirsty hair. If your hair is particularly dry, do a co-washing routine instead of shampooing it daily. When you co-wash your tresses, you shampoo your hair every other day, but use conditioner alone on the alternate days. A co-washing routine lets you wet your hair before you attempt to brush it and helps prevent moisture loss.

Curl Activating Products

After you wash your hair, use a gel that contains curl activators. These usually come with ingredients such as aloe vera, and moisturizers such as shea butter. Alternatively, you can also look into an emulsion, a pudding-like product designed to stretch, soften and elongate curls. Leave-in conditioners can work wonders for achieving S-curls. If you’re on a budget, you can create your own curl moisturizing and elongating product by combining one part glycerin with three parts of water and spritzing it into your locks. After experimenting with the mixture, feel free to alter the amount of glycerin according to your needs.

Keep the Comb Away

One of the biggest mistakes curly girls make is brushing their hair. Only brush your hair after you wash it. After your locks are dry, keep your hands off your mane, or expect to wear a ponytail the rest of the day. Brushing your hair when it’s dry disturbs the curl pattern and can make your hair the F-word (frizzy) or resort back to its kinky state.

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