Can You Put Texturizer in Your Hair While You Still Have a Perm?

A texturizer slightly loosens your natural curl.

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If stick-straight is no longer your thing and you want your hair to look more curly than wavy, a texturizer might be your answer to give your hair the right kind of curves. Done properly, a texturizer alone won't do much additional damage to your relaxed head of hair. Now, will it give you the hot look you're going for? Probably not.

Relaxer vs. Texturizer

If you're texturizing instead of relaxing to avoid damage or chemicals, you may want to reconsider. A texturizer is like a relaxer's mild-mannered cousin. It has the same chemicals, but you leave it on your hair for less time so that you slightly loosen the curl instead of straightening it altogether. It carries the same risk of breakage or damage that comes with other types of chemically treated hair, but a texturizer gives you a different look than a relaxer and the results vary depending on your hair type.


Unless you want your relaxed and texturized hair looking pretty on the floor instead of your head, you'll want to make sure that you texturize your new growth only. Working the texturizer through your relaxed hair will only double process it, causing damage to your relaxed strands. Even if you feel like you have good amateur hair styling skills, you'll probably want to call on a professional when texturizing. A stylist knows how long to leave the texturizer in to give you the curl you want and will be careful to avoid texturizing your relaxed strands.

Texture Differences

The difference in hair textures is where texturizing your relaxed hair gets tricky. Once your new growth is texturized, it will likely be wavy or curly when dry while your relaxed ends will be straight. If you didn't have a lot of relaxed hair to begin with, the two different textures may not make a big difference, but if you had medium to long relaxed hair, the two textures warring on your head might not look so hot. Most of your hair will still be straight, so instead of a head full of loose curls, you'll look like you have a head full of straight hair with curly new growth, also known as a good recipe for lots of bad hair days.

Best Practice

If you don't want to do the big chop by cutting off your hair before you texturize, treat your new growth and slowly cut away at your relaxed ends over time. You can also straighten your texturized hair with heat to blend it with your relaxed hair until your hair gets to a comfortable length for you. To get the best look, however, cut off your relaxed ends and texturize your natural hair. Getting rid of your relaxed hair can help eliminate the bad hair days standing between you and your head full of curls and waves.

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