Can You Mix Lemon Juice & Sugar to Exfoliate Skin?

Lemon juice and sugar give your whole body a bright, fresh look.

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No matter what your skin type, exfoliation is crucial to a glowing, fresh appearance. Skin cells slough off naturally all the time, but they don't always go evenly, leaving you with rough patches or uneven coloring. Lemon juice and sugar help leave skin smooth and even. Even if you don't have any tough spots, a lemon juice and sugar concoction keeps your face bright, your lips kissable and your body perfectly polished.


Your face is usually the first thing people notice about you, so keep it looking as radiant as possible. Lemon juice and sugar are just the trick! Take the juice of a lemon and mix it with an equal amount of water to cut the acidity (acidity can bleach darker skin or irritate lighter skin). Combine the lemon mix with enough sugar to make it thick but not dry, and scrub your face gently with it. After you rinse, your face will be super soft and undeniably brighter.


Your lips are so much more delicate than the rest of your face, but a lemon juice and sugar exfoliant is just right for them. Since the ingredients are all natural and you apply the pressure of exfoliation yourself, there's no worries about tears or abrasions like there might be with a harsh chemical formula or spa treatment. Mix lemon juice and water in equal parts with brown sugar. Brown sugar is a gentler scrub than white sugar -- it tastes great also, so don't worry about getting a little on your tongue. Rinse after only a second or two.


Lemon juice and sugar isn't just for your lovely visage, though. This natural combo can polish your whole body from head to toe. Mix up the same scrub you would make for your face -- equal parts lemon juice and water and enough sugar to get a scrubby consistency -- but add a neutral liquid body soap to it. Now, you can use your favorite loofah or body glove to apply the mixture to your whole body, whisking the day's residue away while you exfoliate, too.


Lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties, so a lemon juice and sugar scrub is an excellent helper when you're self-tanning. Scrub down your face and body with the appropriate combos before tanning to see a glowing, even application. And that's not where its benefits end! If you make a little mistake while tanning, you can use the same scrub you used on your face as an exfoliant and mask for up to 20 minutes to help resolve blotches or patches.

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