How Can I Get Kelly Ripa's Haircolor?

Sleuth out the exact color Kelly Ripa's stylists use on her hair.

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She does it all. TV personality. Wife. Mom. And she seems to do it all effortlessly. Then there's her hot hair -- with a little help from the best cutters and colorists, she pulls off a variety of looks that are the envy of fans -- one of whom is you. Look on getting the inside scoop on Kelly Ripa's hair color as a fun challenge. Stick a stylish Sherlock Holmes cap on your tresses and begin your investigation.


Head for and try on Kelly Ripa's hair before you go to all the trouble of tracking down the name and formulation of the color product she prefers. Click on either of the two Kelly hairdos and then read the instructions for styling your hair to replicate her look. One takes 10 minutes to accomplish while the other is more complicated and takes 30 minutes, but you'll learn plenty about the hair ritual Kelly follows to get that look.


Write to Michael Gelman, the guy who has been producing "LIVE!" for more than 20 years. As the show's executive director, he gets plenty of quirky questions about Kelly and Regis -- everything from sex to wardrobe and from kids to health -- so your query about Kelly's hair color isn't going to raise an eyebrow when he asks his staff to get you information on the product's identity.


Contact Kelly directly through the show's website ( Post your question to Kelly Ripa, asking for the brand and name of the hair color she uses. You stand a good chance of hearing from her assistant, a member of her hair and makeup staff, or an associate producer whose job, handling all aspects of the shows public relations efforts, is to scout out answers to this type of question.


Write directly to Kelly using the social networking sites on which she currently posts. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or another cyberspace conduit, sending a request for the name of her hair color product and formulation name or number calls for a relatively simple response that has likely been asked before, so you will stand a good chance of getting the information you seek in fairly short order.


Contact the Oscar Blandi Studio in New York City, the salon rumored to be Kelly Ripa's go-to place when her roots need color. Situated at 545 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, you could drop a note to Blandi staffers asking for color product information. Alternately, call 212-421-9800. Live in New York? Take the subway to the salon on Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Ask for head colorist Kyle White. He's been on Regis and Kelly's show and should have the answer for the hair color question you've been asking. There's no guarantee, but you may have better luck if you're able to make an appointment and ask for the look you want from the experts at the salon.

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