How Can I Dye Red Hair Brown?

Turn rich red hair gorgeous brown with simple hair dye.

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Ready to put that fire out? Lucky for you, going from red to brown is simple. Once you see how easy it is, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Seriously, it's as easy as pie. Actually, it's quite a bit easier -- have you ever tried baking a pie? If you can do that, you can definitely change your hair color. Get to coloring, girl!


Slide a pair of latex gloves over your hands to protect your skin and nails from color stains. Stained hands are never flattering, and it takes about three days for the stains to fade. Yuck!


Mix up 4 oz. of color in the color bottle: 2 oz. of color and 2 oz. of color developer. Pour both substances into the bottle, screw on the lid and shake it to mix.


Squirt the color onto your clean, dry hair. Apply evenly and everywhere. Use your hands and fingertips to massage the color into your hair until you saturate it throughout.


Set a timer for 25 minutes. Process the color at room temperature with your hair uncovered. Stay away from furniture and clothing while the color is processing. That color on your head will color everything it comes into contact with.


Rinse and shampoo the color out of your hair. Follow up with a good conditioner. Towel dry. Here's to life as a brunette!

Things You'll Need



3.10-volume color developer



2.Brown color

4.Color bottle




Tips & Tricks


Some people are allergic to hair color and may even develop an allergy to color when they've used it all their lives. To avoid a scalp-wide reaction, test a tad of color on a hidden spot of hair behind your ear. Wait 24 hours. No reaction? Go ahead and color that hair!


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