Can You Dreadlock Thin Hair?

Thin hair can tolerate dreads, but you might not like it.

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How your thin hair will tolerate dreads depends on how you're using the word "thin." If your hair is thin, meaning you are losing hair and don't have much up there, dreads will make your hair condition much more apparent. You can still dread, but might not want to until you bulk up those tresses. If your hair is fine rather than thin, it will look just dandy in dreads once you get locks to form.

Dreading Fine Hair

If your hair is fine -- you have a lot of hair on your head but the individual strands are thin -- you can dread but your hair needs more help to get locked up. To get started, apply some dreadlock tightening gel to hair and blow it dry, melting the gel into your mane to give hair more texture. Then separate hair into sections for dreads, one-inch thick or another size you prefer. Comb hair backwards, from ends to roots. Pushing the hair up creates tangles. Keep combing it backwards until you have a big tangle of hair, then twist. Secure the hair with a hair elastic. Once you've got all the hair combed, twisted and in elastics, roll the hair between your palms to create a mini-dread.

Dreading Thin Hair

If your hair is thinning, there may be an underlying medical condition. Check in with your doc to make sure you're healthy, regardless of whether you decide to dread. You can dread thin hair, but it will be more obvious that you have thinning hair. You will have thinner hair at the roots of your locks, and more of your scalp will show. Follow the same back-combing process as for thin hair, but omit the gel beforehand.

Thinning Hair and Dreads

If your hair is thinning from female pattern baldness, hairstyle doesn't matter. Hair that is thinning from traction alopecia is reacting to stress or pressure, and may be thinning only in part. Removing dreads will relieve this condition, but if you're set on having dreads you can try to help hair.

Tips to Keep Hair Healthy (and Keep Dreads)

If your thinning hair has an underlying medical cause, you can reverse hair thinning for fuller locks by treating the condition. Rosemary, peppermint or lavender essential oils can bulk hair up while you heal. Add 10 drops of the oil into your bottle of conditioner to nourish hair as you cleanse. Look for hair or scalp treatments containing wild yam or black cohosh, natural scalp aids that promote hair thickening due to traction alopecia or pattern baldness. Or talk to your doctor about prescriptions to aid thinning hair.

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