How Can I Color My White Hair Blond Without Peroxide?

Blond is the best choice if you're looking to cover some gray.

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Some women love having a long, luxurious head of snowy white hair. Some women will pay any price to get rid of it. If you fall into the latter category don't worry -- you've never had more options when it comes to hair color. Coloring white hair blond is often the best choice because it is easy to maintain and results in less obvious roots as hair grows out. If you are less than 40 percent gray, coloring white hair blonde without peroxide at home is possible with the right hair color -- just look for a kit specifically formulated for gray or white hair that will open the cuticle to allow maximum dye absorption.


Select your blond shade from boxed hair colors containing no peroxide. Look for a permanent hair color specifically made to cover grays; gray and white hair is more difficult to color and needs a special formulation.


Wash and deep condition your hair 24 hours before coloring. Do not apply any hair product between this wash and the time you color your hair. That means no gel, mousse, serums or hair spray.


To avoid color transfer of the blond dye to your skin, floor and countertops, lay an old towel on the floor and wear an old T-shirt. Run a thin layer of petroleum jelly along your hairline and to the tips and backs of your ears. Wipe any spills off your counters immediately.


After putting on the gloves included with your blond hair-coloring kit, mix the hair color according to the instructions on the box.


Separate your hair into four sections using the hair clips. Apply hair color to each section individually, taking time to make sure your hair is saturated with dye from roots to ends.


Leave the blonde dye on your hair for the length of time directed for stubborn grays on the packaging. White hair has a different texture than naturally pigmented hair and takes longer to absorb the color.


Thoroughly rinse all of the dye from your hair with lukewarm water. Deep condition again. Do not shampoo for a full 48 hours after coloring to allow the dye to set completely, and wash as infrequently as possible afterward.

Things You'll Need


1.Deep conditioner

3.Petroleum jelly

5.Old towel

2.Non-peroxide blond home hair color kit

4.Old T-shirt

6.Hair clips


Tips & Tricks


For hair longer than shoulder length, use two boxes of color. Use hair products specifically formulated for your hair to keep your tresses from turning brassy. If you prefer to have your hair colored at a salon, asked your stylist for peroxide-free color. Try a dry shampoo in place of wet washing to help preserve color.

Gray and white hair is more difficult to color. Make sure you use a blonde hair color especially formulated for gray and white hair and leave it on for the amount of time specified for your hair type -- usually about 10 minutes longer. If you are more than 40 percent gray, leave the coloring to the experts.


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