Can Castor Oil Be Used for Hair?

Castor oil treatments boost your hair's shine, making it soft and manageable.

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For decades, castor oil was used by grandmothers around the world to cure whatever ailed you. These days castor oil is beneficial externally as well, especially to give hair that silky smooth, healthy look and feel sought by women everywhere. Castor oil contains natural vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, that promote strong, healthy growth, prevent infections and repair locks damaged by styling tools and chemicals.

Beautiful Hair From Root to End

Castor oil supplies hair, from the root to the end, with many natural vitamins and nutrients. Used similarly to a deep conditioning treatment, castor oil strengthens your hair, repairing damage and restoring lost moisture. Castor oil penetrates the hair shaft to reach the inner cortex, hydrating it from the inside out and supplying it with vitamin A to give it that sexy, run-your-fingers-through-it look and feel. Because castor oil acts as a replacement for your hair's natural oils, regular use gives you much more manageable hair, fighting frizz and giving it that sexy shine all women desire.

Strong Hair Growth

Healthy, strong hair growth begins with a healthy scalp. Your hair and scalp need constant moisture to promote normal hair growth. Besides directly supplying much-needed nutrients, castor oil is quickly absorbed into the scalp's glands to promote scalp health and hydrate the hair's delicate follicles. If your scalp becomes damaged, the damage quickly spreads to the hair's follicles. This damages the hair where it starts, which prevents growth. Massaging a tablespoon or two of castor oil into your scalp weekly stimulates blood flow and promotes healthy hair growth.

Battle Hair Loss

Hair thinning and hair loss is problem many women suffer from. Harsh over-the-counter and prescription products often cause damage to the scalp and hair, especially for gals with sensitive skin. Castor oil, a natural antioxidant and antibacterial oil, is a natural treatment for mild to moderate hair loss and thinning, caused many times by localized infections. Applying a small amount of castor oil to your scalp and hair roots fights these infections and eliminating any bacteria to stop hair loss. Because castor oil promotes scalp and hair health, regular use increases hair growth for stronger, thicker hair.

Hair Repair

Dry, damaged hair doesn't have to plague your life. Besides the above-mentioned benefits, castor oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that repair the hair shaft from the inside out. Castor oil works much like a store-bought hot oil treatment, repairing damaged hair and reducing frizz and breakage. After applying a generous amount of castor oil to your hair, wrap your head in a towel fresh from the dryer, leaving it in place until the towel has completely cooled. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal to remove the oil. This can be repeated as often as necessary, depending upon the severity of dryness and damage. Avoid overuse of this natural hot oil treatment; the greasy grunge look is so last season!

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