How Can I Get My Braces Off Sooner?

Braces give you the smile you've always wanted.

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Braces aren't used only on young children wearing over-sized, goofy glasses. Actresses, models and your every day business woman or stay-at-home mom all may need braces at one point to straighten crooked teeth. Women blessed with a perfect pearly white smile, like those featured in every toothpaste commercial on TV, rarely get that way without some sort of dental correction. By following your dentist's orders and working to keep your teeth clean, you'll ensure a radiant smile and might get your braces off sooner than you think.


Take a deep breath and tackle any minor surgeries your dentist recommends, such as having a tooth pulled, to show your teeth who's boss. Avoiding these surgeries and hoping the braces will do all the work for you may lead to more complications down the road; and you'll likely need the surgery after you get your braces off anyway. Talk the options over with your dentist and summon your inner diva for a little courage to get your through the unpleasant parts.


Wear everything your dentist instructs exactly as instructed. From permanent devices which you adjust nightly to rubber bands you wear during the day, make a pact with yourself that you will not skip any steps. Ladies who choose not to wear the little rubber bands as often as they should end up wearing braces longer than expected. For a more fashion-friendly look, choose the color of the bands on your braces. Go with daring bold colors to make a statement or neutral colors to avoid drawing attention to your teeth.


Keep all appointments with your dentist. Each time you visit, he'll make any necessary adjustments to your braces and determine when you can move forward with your treatment. By following instructions and visiting your dentist on a regular basis, you may find yourself braces-free a year or more sooner than first anticipated.


Stick to your dentist's list of foods to avoid as though your life depends on it. Munching on harder foods or snacking on bubble gum can tear apart the little pieces of your braces and possibly push your teeth out of line. On top of that, when your gums are still sore and tender, you'll find yourself in an extremely uncomfortable situation if you try to bite down on a hard, uncut carrot or apple.


Ask your doctor about clear braces if your teeth need only minor correction. Much like a retainer, these braces are nearly invisible and you can remove them when you need to eat. Women who feel self-conscious about the way braces look should consider this method. But, if your teeth are too crooked then opt for regular braces. It's well worth the effort of wearing braces for two to four years to spend the rest of your life with a smile that will dazzle everyone around.

Things You'll Need


1.Pain killer


Tips & Tricks


Take a pain killer before you go to the dentist when you need adjustments made to the braces. Your teeth will feel sore afterward and having the pain killer already in your system heads off the discomfort before it starts.

Brush and floss at least twice a day. Ask your dentist how to work around your braces and make sure to follow his instructions. While it won't speed up the time you have to wear them, if you skip proper brushing and flossing you may end up with bright white stains on your teeth that require expensive treatments to hide.


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