Can an Avocado Hair Mask Be Used on African American Hair?

Can avocado help your locks? You bet.

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Avocados in your guacamole -- yum. But avocados in your hair? That sounds a bit strange, don't you think? However, it's really not. Avocado is often used in hair masks to hydrate parched strands and to add a bit of sheen. And best of all, you can use the green fruit on African-American hair, according to Seventeen magazine.

How It Helps

Placing food on your hair sounds silly, but avocado is super-beneficial for your locks, particularly those that are dry, like African-American hair often is. The oil found in this fruit is loaded with vitamins and proteins. The result? A scalp and hair that is healthy and luxe. Noshing on the tasty avocado is helpful for your skin and hair, too, as avocado oil gets them looking gorgeous from the inside out.

Avocado and Honey Hair Mask

For a mask that is great for your locks (and sounds good enough to eat), start with two ripe avocados. Mash them in a bowl, then add an egg yolk, 1/2 cup of honey and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Mix them all together until you get a thick paste, then apply it to your hair -- get everything from the scalp to the ends. Cover your dome in plastic wrap, and let that stuff work its magic for about two hours or until it becomes stiff. Rinse it out and voila! You've got hair that looks shiny and feels oh-so-healthy.

Avocado and Banana Hair Mask

Another option for getting your hair looking ahhh-mazing is to create a healthy mask using avocados and bananas. Mash up a ripe avocado, then dump it into a blender. Add a banana, an egg and 1 or 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Whip it together until it is like cake batter, then place it on your hair. Let it get its soak on for about 10 minutes, then rinse it out with shampoo. Your hair will look soft and runway-ready in no time.

How Often to Apply

Avocado hair masks work so well you might think you want to use them everyday. As good as that sounds, however, don't do it. Using an avocado hair mask too much can leave your hair looking greasy and limp because of all the oil. Instead, use it once or twice a week. Applying it this often gives your hair just the right amount of oil and nutrients it needs.

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