Can You Do Anything for the Thin Skin Under the Eyes?

Eye creams can help get your under eye skin tough.

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The thinnest part of your body is probably not your waist, but the skin underneath your eyes. That delicate skin is often the reason why some gals experience dark circles under their peepers, a characteristic that most ladies want gone. In order to nix those unsightly shadows, you'll have to strengthen the skin. Fortunately, some products allow you to do so.

Thin Skin Causes

The skin under your eyes is typically thinner than skin that sits elsewhere on your face. If your skin is particularly thin and allows you to see the blood vessels, you'll likely end up with dark circles under your eyes. Genetics play a large role in just how thin that skin is and how dark your circles are, so thank mom and dad for that the next time you see them. If your circles are seriously noticeable, it could also be due to allergies or leaky blood vessels.

Thin Skin Fix

Fortunately, you don't have to walk around with those dark circles forever. A variety of creams are effective at toughening up that skin and getting it ready for its close up. Look for creams that contain peptides and antioxidants like vitamin C, kinetin and soy. They help thicken the skin and make the circles less noticeable. Using cream or serum that contains particles that reflect light gives your eyes a brighter appearance, and makes those circles less noticeable.

How Eye Creams Work

Eye creams are pretty nifty in how they get your under-eye skin to toughen up. They typically contain ingredients that help boost collagen, which makes your skin thicker. Ingredients such as chamomile, sea algae and cucumber also get rid of the circles by constricting the blood vessels and firming that thin skin. Your eyes look brighter and refreshed.

Hiding the Circles

While you are waiting for that cream to nix the ugly circles, you can cover them up with makeup in the meantime. First, apply light-reflecting cream to the skin, to get it nice and hydrated. Then apply a yellow-based concealer that's a shade lighter than your skin tone to the circles. Allow it to dry; then apply a light layer of finishing powder over top. Your circles will be hidden, and you'll look alert and focused for the remainder of the day.

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