Can Aloe Vera Gel Be Used Under the Eyes to Eliminate Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles?

Soothe tired eyes with aloe vera gel.

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When your tired, puffy eyes have got to go, give them the boot with aloe vera gel. Known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, aloe vera gel can work wonders under the eyes to eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles. Chill your eyes out and give them the spa treatment with natural aloe vera gel.

What Causes Puffiness

Accumulating fluids in the fat under your eyes show up as puffiness. While you need some fat there to protect your eyes, you don’t want fluid building up. If you have a late night with little sleep, puffy eyes might greet you in the morning. Sometimes you wake up with puffy eyes even after a full night’s sleep. Allergies can make your eyes puffy, as can a bout with the flu and drinking alcohol.

Why Dark Circles

Some people have a genetic disposition for dark circles under the eyes. Just like you get a bruise if blood pools under the skin on your shin, your under-eye area can look bruised. Blood circulating under your eyes will show more in this area because the skin under your eyes is super thin to the point of translucency. If you don’t get enough sleep, blood tends to accumulate under your eyes, which shows up as circles.

Aloe Vera’s Benefits

The Mayo Clinic asserts that aloe vera has been a useful skin treatment for millennia, delivering effective healing for a variety of skin conditions. Aloe vera has natural cleansing and astringent properties. It can soothe sore muscles and it also works as an effective anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and puffiness. Aloe can also improve bruises on your skin, and it often reduces fine lines by moisturizing the skin. Aloe vera gel will absorb into the skin to help smooth and it may even restore a healthy pH balance to your skin tissue, according to Diane Gage, author of “Aloe Vera: Nature’s Soothing Healer.”

Applying the Aloe

Keep pure aloe vera gel in the refrigerator so that it’s nice and chilly as you apply it to your under-eye area. This can make the gel even more soothing and refreshing while it works to calm the puffiness under your eyes. Squeeze a dab of gel onto your clean fingertip and slather it under your eyes gently. Let the gel do its thing while you relax. After about 10 minutes, splash some cool water on your face, and your eyes should look rejuvenated.

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