How to Calm a Burning Scalp From Hair Dye

Calm your burning scalp with cool water.

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You're in the process of coloring your hair and anticipating how drop-dead gorge you'll look with your new shade. And then it hits: a tiny sensation that begins with a sharp itch, then becomes a lingering tingle that proceeds into a full-throttle burn. In addition to rocking a smelly head, you're now in a world of hurt. Sacrifice style for the sake of your scalp and keep a cool head to ease the pain.


Rinse the hair dye from your head using cool, clean water from the sink. Yep, no matter what stage of developing your locks are in, you cannot proceed with a burning scalp. The dye has to come out, stat. Rinse, and then rinse some more, for a minimum of 15 minutes, making sure the cool water liberally coats your scalp. Keep your peepers shut -- you don't want to burn them, too.


Gingerly blot the ends of your hair quickly to stop the hair drips. Now is the time to get a peek in the mirror to see what the deal is. If your head is really angry, redness is to be expected. Check for irritation, open sores or rough patches on your scalp.


Gently apply some aloe vera gel to your scalp. The gel provides cooling relief and promotes healing. Leave it on until the sting is gone. You can also use lidocaine lotion to take the sting down a notch. Apply it in the same way you do the aloe vera gel.


Add a cool, wet compress to the area if it still burns. Keep it there as long as necessary until your scalp feels better.


Use a very mild, non-irritating shampoo, such as baby shampoo, on your head until the burn is history. Do not use styling lotions, gels, sprays, serum or anything other than aloe or mild soap.


Make an appointment with a stylist and ask him or her to fix your color, if necessary, and only after your head has completely healed. Make sure you have a patch test first.

Things You'll Need


1.Cool water

3.Cool, wet compress



4.Aloe vera

6.Mild shampoo


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