The Best Brushes for Thick Hair

The best brush for thick hair penetrates strands for shine and manageability.

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Thick hair is the envy of many. Whether it's straight or curly, your heavy tresses deserve the best brushes out there. Thick hair keeps you looking young and healthy, but only when it's got the smooth shine and movement of the best care you can give it. Finding the right brush for your mane helps your crowning glory stay lustrous and beautiful.


Vented brushes are best for thick-haired ladies who do lots of blow-drying. With all that hair you have, it probably takes forever to dry if you don't blast it with some hot air. A vented brush is your first defense against heat damage. These brushes have slits in them that keep hot air moving through your hair without trapping it against the strands. Vents prevent dullness and breakage, so your thick hair stays healthy even when you blow-dry it regularly. They're also great for smoothing and shaping under the dryer. Look for one with a wide head for thick hair.


Cushion brushes help thick hair stay smooth and free of frizz or tangles. These brushes are best for ladies who have thick curls or waves. Cushion brushes have bristles that sit in a cushion at the front of the brush. The flat style of the brushes gives them their alternative name -- cushion paddles -- but thick, curly hair does better with narrower, curved heads that dip into your layers without getting stuck.


Round brushes are best for thick-haired women who like to add a little wave to their style. After your hair is almost entirely dry, pull a round brush through it and flip the ends under the brush to create loose waves. Use round brushes gently. They give you the greatest waves, but your hair is thick enough that you risk tangling it in the bristles if you're not careful. An ergonomic handle helps you avoid slipping and getting your hair all knotted up. Larger sizes are easier to get through your hair, but smaller ones give you tighter waves.


Thick hair deserves boar bristles. These are natural bristles that come from the boar. They're the best for thick hair because they penetrate through layers of hair to drag your scalp's natural oils from root to tip. Boar bristles are especially awesome at detangling and smoothing for a pretty, groomed style that suits thick hair perfectly.

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