The Best Brushes for Straightening Curly Hair

The right brushes straighten curly hair -- and keep it straight.

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Sometimes a curly girl just wants to try life on the straight and narrow. Straightening your curls is easier when you have the best brush for the job. Once those locks are pin-straight, hair stays flat and smooth a lot longer when you use different tools than what you use on your spirals, too. The best brushes for straightening curly hair get your hair sleek and help keep it that way.


Thermal brushes are your friends already if you're blow-drying. These brushes are made of special metal that holds heat in the brush, so it conducts through your hair quickly, evenly and without risking damage. You can focus on pulling hair taut to straighten it without worrying about uneven drying leading to kinks or damage from heat.


When you want a totally straight mane from root to tip, a flat brush is your best straightening tool. The flat shape of the brush helps keep your hair flat around the bristles as you pull the strands under the blow-dryer. A flat, thermal brush usually has vents in it, too, so you retain shine because heat goes through the brush and doesn't dry out the cuticle.


Round brushes are best for straightening curly hair when you want a little bit of a flip at the ends of your hair. They also work for women who have tons of kinky spirals that don't pull out so easily. While a flat brush keeps your hair falling in a straight line, a round brush helps you control hair that might be a little unruly pre-straightening. Round, thermal brushes are available at most drugstores, but look for an easy-grip handle, too. Avoiding slippage prevents breakage and keeps straightened hair smooth.


Cushion brushes are the straight-haired girl's weapon of choice. Once you've worked the kink out of those curls, you want to make sure your styling efforts don't release hair back into its natural curl pattern or pull hair into a wave by creating friction at the roots. Cushion brushes have a cushion where the bristles attach to a paddle. These flat-brush versions help combat frizz and keep straight hair smooth.

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