The Best Brushes for Fine Damaged Hair

The right brush helps fine, damaged hair look full and lustrous.

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Fine, damaged hair needs all the tender, loving care you can give it. Make sure you're using the best brushes you can so that you can infuse your hair with the appearance of thickness and prevent additional damage while it grows out. Different brushes are best for different styles, but no matter how you dress up your fine or damaged tresses, always brush gently. Love your hair and it will love you back.


Paddle brushes are a basic brush that can do no harm. When you have fine, damaged locks, sticking to a brush that lets hair stay as healthy is your best tactic. Paddle brushes have a wide, sometimes square head that looks like a paddle. Some may have cushions to which the bristles attach, but some versions have bristles attached right to the paddle. Cushions help fight frizz, so if damage leaves you with lots of broken ends sticking out, a cushion paddle is best to smooth the look of a hair's cuticle.


Thermal brushes are best for safeguarding your mane from blow drying damage. Since your hair is fine, using a blow dryer for volume is a simple route to a big, glorious mane, particularly if you can't handle any more broken hair, split ends or dullness from heat damage. A thermal brush made from special metal is your best tool. It distributes heat evenly, so that it conducts through your hair quickly and evenly, and without unnecessary stress to your tresses.


The bristles you choose can help your hair stay as healthy as possible while damage grows out. Boar bristles are natural bristles that come from the animal of the same name. They grip hair at the roots and help drag the natural oils through the strands for a shine that can help protect your hair. Sometimes, though, boar bristles can be too tough for fine hair. If this is true for you, your best brush has nylon bristles. Look for nylon bristles that are packed together tightly in order to still get the benefits of your scalp's natural oil distribution.


Round brushes are the best for volume. If you use a blow dryer to help puff up fine hair, a round, thermal brush might be best for you. Round brushes are awesome for fine, damaged hair with natural curls. The shape of the brush lets you manage your spirals without putting undue stress on your hair. Look for a round brush that has an ergonomic handle so that your grip doesn't slip and cause tangles or breakage.

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