The Best Brushes for Curly Hair

Gorgeous curly hair like Taylor Swift's could be yours if you use the right brush.

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Don't brush off the importance of the type of brush you use to style your curly hair. Your locks require some serious love to stay tangle- and frizz-free. You can damage your tresses and make them look like a hot mess if you use a brush unsuited for your hair's texture. So do yourself and your hair a favor, and use the best brushes for the job.

Sculpting Brush

If you're having difficulty giving your curly locks some oomph, go with a sculpting brush. Believe it or not, having curly hair doesn't necessarily mean it's got lots of volume -- even this type of hair falls flat. Sculpting brushes help define your curls and give you mega fullness, particularly when you are blow drying or doing a quick comb-through in the morning.

Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes know how to navigate through your curls and get them looking good. They are easy on your tresses; they won't cause damage or stress them out. But don't brush your locks after you're done styling -- not even with this brush. Only use your fingers, or you risk turning your curls frizzy and limp.

Synthetic Bristled Brushes

Synthetic bristled brushes are the bomb-diggity when it comes to drying your curly 'do. You know how your hair seems to dry in some places and not in others when you use a different brush? That's because the brush isn't distributing the heat evenly, but a boar-bristled brush will. This brush is so good it will likely become your best friend whenever you dry your locks.

Curly Hair Tips

The best brush in the world won't get your hair looking perfect all of the time -- you've got to get some help from some other products as well. Running some anti-frizz silicone serum through your curls helps keep them looking defined and uber shiny throughout the day. Additionally, using a diffuser on your blow dryer gently heats your curls, which results in tresses that look more polished. And always get your hair trimmed about every six to eight weeks. Doing so keeps split ends away and gives you hair that is gorgeous.

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