How to Brush Thick, Tangled Hair

Patience and detangler can work wonders on tangled tresses.

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Hair accidents happen, and sometimes a convertible car trip or day of playing at the beach can leave your locks knotted and matted. When long hair becomes a rat's nest it's not sexy -- and you most definitely cannot go to work like that! When hair tangles strikes, don't get bummed or reach for the scissors. Preserve your long, thick hair and your sanity with a little determination.


Skip the temptation to hop on the shower and shampoo the tangled locks. Washing tangled hair can make the damage way worse, so hold off on the shower till you're fully detangled.


Spray one tangled area with detangler until it's fully coated. Work on the matted areas one at a time.


Pick apart the tangles using a wide-toothed comb or a rat-tail comb. These combs have enough space between the teeth to separate the tangled hairs without causing more snags. If you hit a tough spot, apply more detangler. Work through super-tough spots with your fingers, picking apart the knotted hairs.


Brush the tangled shaft of hair from the bottom up, from tips to roots, working your way toward your scalp a little at a time. Stop when you're able to brush the hair from the scalp to the ends with no tangles. Use a natural-bristled brush to treat your locks gently.


Move on to the next tangle and repeat the entire process. Detangling can be totally frustrating, so stop and have a break if you feel your energy waning.

Things You'll Need


1.Detangling spray

3.Rat-tail comb

2.Wide-toothed comb

4.Natural bristled brush


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