The Best Brush for Long and Fine Hair

Get a brush that doesn't promote hair damage.

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Long hair can be a lot of trouble, especially if your hair has a fine and easy-to-break texture. For all the moisturizing and deep, nourishing products we use on our hair, using the wrong brush can ruin the whole thing, damaging delicate hair and causing split ends. To maintain the long look, you've got to get the right tools.

The Ideal Brush

When maintaining a long hairstyle, it's important to do whatever you can to avoid breakage and damage to the hair follicle. Breakage results in split ends, which in addition to being unattractive, are also a sure sign that hair is unhealthy and should be trimmed shorter. For the maintenance of a long hairstyle, it's usually a good idea to use the gentlest natural brush available. However, fair hair is especially prone to tangling, so you'll also need a brush that is a powerful detangler so you don't have to brush over and over again and potentially cause more damage.

The Big Reveal

The Mason Pearson hairbrush is considered to be the "Bentley of Hairbrushes," according to InStyle magazine. For long, fine hair, Mason Pearson recommends the Boar Bristle brush. Since 1885, Mason Pearson has been hand-making its brushes in Yorkshire, England, from top materials like boar bristle and hand-mixed rubber. This style of brush, which is durable and effective at slaying tangles and fly-aways, is also extremely gentle, as a result of Mason Pearson's signature soft rubber.

Why It Works and Why It's Worth It

Yet, at $170 a pop, what could possibly make this hairbrush that good? The materials used are gentle, but also are designed to be durable enough to fight through tangles. The flexible rubber pad and bristles work together to massage the scalp and promote circulation. Also, the boar bristles help to distribute the scalp's natural oils to the length of your hair, naturally moisturizing the follicle and preventing oil buildup at the root.

Why You'll Love It

In addition to its ability to help you tame tangles and keep hair in the best health with minimal brush damage, we think you'll love this brush for its versatility and relaxing quality. Not only will a Mason Pearson brush last a long time, but you can use it for almost all styling tricks that you'd normally need various combs and brushes for. The brush is great for blow-drying straight, teasing for updos and detangling wet hair. Moreover, you'll love this brush for the relaxing scalp massage it gives with its natural boar bristles.

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