The Best Brush for Getting Tangles Out

A wide paddle brush simplifies removing tangles from long hair.

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Wrestling with tangles using the wrong brush can make a bad hair day even worse, damaging your hair and causing frizz and split ends. Use the right hair brush for your length and type of hair; it removes tangles gently while massaging your scalp and distributing natural oils through your hair, leaving it healthy, soft and shiny. Invest in a good quality brush, and then wash the brush in warm, soapy water regularly. With proper care, a good hairbrush will last for years.


A circular brush is a convenient tool for taming tangles in all lengths of permed or naturally curly hair. A small circular brush is best for short or mid-length hair, but a larger circular brush simplifies the process of removing tangles from long or thick hair. The bristles may be nylon or a combination of natural and nylon bristles. The flexibility of the rubber pad is easy on the scalp.

Vent Brush

A vent brush is a good all-purpose brush, but is especially effective for removing and preventing tangles while blow drying, because the vents speed up the process, directing the heat to your hair and minimizing the time your hair is exposed to hot air. A soft-bristled vent brush with balls on the bristle tips is gentle and removes tangles from short or mid-length hair without damaging the hair. For extra thick or long hair, look for a vent brush with widely spaced bristles. Working dense bristles through tangles makes the job more difficult and may damage your hair in the process.


A paddle brush is a good everyday brush for keeping all lengths and types of hair tangle-free. Narrow paddle brushes are best for kinky or curly hair or shorter hair, while wide paddle brushes work best for long or thick hair. Look for a paddle brush with a cushioned, ergonomic handle to minimize hand fatigue.


A cushion brush is much like a paddle brush, but the brush is smaller and the brush head is oval-shaped instead of rectangular. A good quality cushion brush is an effective tool for detangling all hair lengths. If your hair is delicate or fragile, look for a cushion brush with soft, natural brushes, which are easy on your hair and gentle on your scalp.

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