Bras to Wear With Backless Outfits

A standard bra just won't cut it if your dress leaves it showing

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Slinky and sexy, backless dresses are a classic and classy way of showing skin at formal occasions. Only problem is, most bras in the average woman's drawer have backs, and backless dresses don't do much to keep the girls from hanging just a bit too loose! Luckily, through the miracles of modern fashion, you can have both support and style through some gravity-defying specialty bras made just for the occasion.

Joined Adhesive Cups

This type of bra is about as simple as it comes: two cups, no straps of any kind. Instead, the bra is glued in place using spirit gum, the same kind of adhesive that movie makeup artists use to attach masks. This gives you support, but with very minimal interference with your outfit. Most glued-on bras connect between your breasts, giving you support while leaving your back and shoulders completely clear. These kinds of bras do require an adhesive remover to take off.

Separated Cups

Some glued-on bras don't connect in the middle, so they're not as supportive. However, they rock for halter-top backless dresses that also have a large open space in the front (you know, the kind that gives new meaning to the word "cleavage"). They're not the most supportive bras, but they'll give your boobs a nice shape under your dress and prevent embarrassing incidents of the "nipping out" variety. In fact, it's kind of like going braless, only better.

Halter Bra (or Low Back)

If the backless dress you're wearing is also a halter-top dress, wear a backless halter-top bra as the perfect undergarment. These bras are supported by only a single strap around the neck and can have fabulous effects on the girls. Another good option is the halter-top bra with low back strap, but that doesn't work so well if the backless dress has a super-low back.

Clear Back

Some "strapless" bras aren't really strapless at all, but employ clear plastic straps that won't be visible unless you're being scrutinized up close. This type of bra will give you all the comfort and support of a real bra while creating the appearance of an uncovered back area. Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to spot the illusion when you're standing next to someone in good light, so plan accordingly!

Classic Backless Bra

The classic backless bra looks just like a normal bra, with no back. Instead, the weight of the breasts is supported by the shoulder straps alone. This comfy, relatively easy-to-find bra is only good, however, with backless dresses that aren't also strapless and which feature thick shoulder straps rather than a halter top.

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