Why Do Bras Slide Up in the Back?

Don't just go for looks, find a bra that fits!

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Finding a bra that fits is the key to your daily comfort. An incorrect bra size can cause your bra to ride up in the back, with straps falling and the cups sliding all over the place. No one wants to be a flasher, so measuring for the correct size can prevent you from having an embarrassing moment.


There are a variety of bras to choose from, and there are tips and tricks for each. If you are wearing a strapless bra, look for a size bigger in the cup and one size smaller in the strap to give extra shape and support. Many women have two different size breasts; make sure you are fitting your bra for the larger breast. If you gain or lose weight, it is time to get fitted again. Just a slight change in your weight can cause you to change bra sizes and lead to discomfort such as your bra sliding up your back.

Measuring The Band

Measuring yourself is the best way to ensure you are wearing the correct bra size. Grab a measuring tape and start under your armpits, high on your back, and across the top of your chest, above your breasts. If you get an even number, that is the band size, but if it is odd, you need to add one inch. So, 34 inches would be a band of 34, where as 35 inches would be a band size of 36, and so on.

Measuring the Cup Size

For the proper bra cup size, measure loosely around the biggest part of your chest and subtract the band measurement from the cup measurement. Each additional inch to the band size is a cup size. For example, a 34 band with a 37-inch bust measurement is a cup size C. You also can hit up just about any department store for a proper fitting.

Care For Your Bras

Be sure to take extra care of your bras. Think of them as an investment. They are not only pricey to replace, but they also play a huge role in your daily comfort. You will find it hard to be content when your bra is sliding up your back because the elasticity has decayed. Never place a molded-cup bra in the dryer; the heat will cause it to loose its shape. Always hand wash or place in a special laundry bag for undergarments. Air drying will help retain its elasticity and shape.

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