The Best Bras for a Petite Body

A bandeau bra is a great option for a petite woman.

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From the outside, it might appear that women with small busts have it easy. They can wear any style of top or blouse and can often go bra-less. However, just because you have smaller breasts doesn't mean that they don't need the proper support and coverage. Knowing the best bras styles for your petite frame makes a lot of difference in the fit and appearance of your clothing and also prevents breasts from sagging.

No Straps Attached

Strapless bras are notoriously difficult to wear for women with medium- to full-figure sized breasts, but fortunately those with small busts can pull off this style effortlessly. Unlike women with bigger breasts, small-busted women don't have to worry about the constant sliding and shifting of a strapless bra as much as others do. This bra is great for petite frames because it offers appropriate coverage and support, but it also is great to wear with various shirts and blouses that bare skin.

Stick it to Me

When you're a woman with a small bust that loves to wear sexy, back-baring tops that equally expose your front and back areas, then an adhesive bra will be one of your best investments. While wearing styles of clothing that bare a lot and hide little, it's quite tempting for small busted women to go bra-less, and although this is fine sometimes, it should not be a regular habit because of sagging. An adhesive bra is one that attaches to the front and sides of the breasts and it has no back closure, leaving you to freely wear the sexy clothing styles you love. Keep in mind that when wearing this bra in high temperatures, the adhesive and the sweat combine making things a little sticky.

Bandeau It

Upon first glance, the bandeau bra might look identical to a strapless bra, but there are definite differences. Although a strapless bra has underwire and provides substantial support for the breasts, a bandeau style bra has no underwire, provides little support and often comes down more on the torso and mimics a tube top. Bandeau bras are good for small-busted women, especially in the warmer months because they are often made from breathable fabrics and look great underneath camisoles and dresses with spaghetti straps. Remember, because of its lack of support, this bra should not be worn every day.

Push Me

One of the biggest complaints of women with small busts is that they wished they were bigger, fuller and sat up higher. To achieve bigger breasts without unnecessary surgery, small-busted women should invest in a good push-up bra. Some push-up styles can take a woman with an A or B cup to a full C with little effort. Women with smaller breasts can beautifully fill out cleavage-baring tops with ease just by getting a push-up bra that is the perfect fit.

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