The Best Bras for Asymmetrical Breasts

The right bra will even out any size differences.

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Most bodies aren't perfectly symmetrical, and that includes most women's breasts. A slight difference in cup size rarely shows under your clothes, but if you have more than a minimal difference, you may need to choose bras to hide the asymmetry. There are several bra options that can keep your secret under wraps and ensure good, comfortable support.

Stretchy Selections

Soft, stretchy fabrics can easily accommodate a size difference between your breasts, especially if you're small busted. Stretch knits, mesh, lace or stretch satin bras can accommodate as much as a cup size difference between your breasts. Stretchy bras do not disguise a size difference or anything else, so if you're feeling self-conscious or you're wearing a tight top, this may not be the bra for you. Well-endowed girls may not get the support they need from stretch bras and should save these for leisure wear, not work or weekends out on the town.

T-Shirt Bras

The T-shirt bra with a molded or formed cup has become the lingerie basic for nearly every woman. T-shirt bras support the breasts, prevent any peek-through and can easily eliminate any noticeable size difference under your clothes. Choose the size that fits your larger breast. If you have a significant difference between your breasts, you can tuck a silicone breast enhancer into the cup of the smaller breast.

Push it Up

Padded, push-up style bras often come with removable pads, allowing you to customize your bra for a perfect fit. You may even find bras with multiple pads or cookies to adjust exactly how much lift you'd like. Remove the padding from one side to accommodate the larger breast. Adjust the straps as necessary and you'll have a bra that gives you va-va-voom cleavage and evens out any asymmetry.

Specialty Bras

If you have had breast surgery or you need a breast form to even your breasts, you may need a mastectomy bra. Mastectomy bras are designed with delicate post-surgical skin in mind and have a pocket to place a form. Smaller lingerie shops, specialty bra retailers, cancer centers and women's clinics offer pretty and practical bras that can handle a significant difference in cup size.

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