Braless Options for a Backless Dress

Maybe actress Rachel McAdams is wearing adhesive cups under her backless gown.

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Nothing's tackier than wearing a fabulous backless dress only to have your bra be the center of attention. Some gals can go a la nothing and still retain their dignity. But for ladies who are more well-endowed or those who have perky nipples, this just isn't a possibility. Skipping the backless styles and opting for something you can tuck your bra under is one option. But why limit yourself, when there are several different bosom holders and covers that are made for just this conundrum? Pick the one that's right for your shape, and feel totally confident in your backless frock.

Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are one step up from going completely braless. They offer absolutely no support, which means ladies who have loads of cleavage may want to skip this option. Nipple covers are just meant to do that -- cover your nipples. The cheap version is just to slap a pair of adhesive bandages on and call it a day. While they ensure that your nipples won't be standing at attention, they're totally visible under thin or unlined dresses. In that case, use silicone gel covers. This kind of cover adheres to your breast smoothly so you can't see its outline under your garment.

Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra is just that -- a bra that sticks to your skin. It comes sans shoulder or back straps, so it's tailor-made for backless or strapless frocks. This simple undergarment is made of two connected cups that stick to your sides with surgical-quality, reusable adhesive. So yes, gals, you can wear this bra more than once. That doesn't mean it's going to last as long as one of your regular brassieres. This kind of bra is also just known for covering, not giving support. It's not the greatest choice for ladies who's cup doth runneth over. However, gals looking to add some depth to small cleavage can opt for an adhesive bra made of silicone.

Low-Back Strap

A low-back strap bra is perfect for gals who need a helping hand under their backless frock. This style of bra looks like a regular brassiere, only instead of straps at the shoulder and around the middle of the back, it has a band that crisscrosses around your stomach. Because the cup is the only form of support you get with this bra, you may need to buy a size smaller than you normally wear. Beware though, if you buy one that is too small, you risk it slipping down in search of the smallest part of your body. The downside to this undergarment is that it isn't made for really large-breasted women. It's also not meant to be worn with dresses that plunge super low. Unfortunately, garments that dip down to the lowest point of your back will expose this bra's wraparound straps.

Insert Cups

Depending on the dress, inserting cups directly into the garment may be your best option. Form-fitting dresses work best as they already hug your body and will give the cups support that loose-fitting frocks won't. Singular bra cups are available at fabric or sewing stores. The cups will need to be sewn in using a sewing machine. You can either sew the whole cup in or sew in a snap where the cup can be attached. This is a project that needs a little precision, so if you don't feel especially crafty, you may want to take it to a tailor. If your dress is unlined, know that the stitching where the cups are sewn in will be visible.

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