Braiding Techniques for Sewing Hair Weaves

A good sew-in weave can give you carefree hair.

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In case you haven't heard, the celebrity secret to perfect tresses slipped out a while ago. Most celebs aren't born with perfect hair, but with a little weave hair they can fool anyone, and now, you can too. For African American women, one of the most popular weave methods is the sew-in technique using wefted hair. Celebrity hair usually means a high-end stylist and a big bill. But if you know how to braid and sew, you can do your own weaves at home, and look just as fabulous.

Full Weave

A full head weave covers your entire head. Because none of your own hair is left out, you can rock a completely different texture or color than your own. Unless you're going to a Halloween party, use common sense and choose your weave hair in realistic colors. For full head weaves, cornrow braid all your hair up in a continuous circle, beginning at the nape and ending at the crown. Then sew the weft hair to the braid. Finish the top with a closure piece. Then cut and style your weave to add spice to your look.

Partial Weave

Some people prefer partial weaves because they can leave some of their own hair loose for a more natural look. To braid your hair for a partial weave, begin by sectioning off hair on the top and sides that you want to leave loose. Cornrow your hair in small horizontal rows in the back of your head. When you get to the top of your hair, switch to semi-circular cornrows around the loose hair. Choose weave textures that match and blend with your own to make your weave perfectly undetectable.

Net Weaves

When your hair is delicate, or if you've suffered hair loss, you have to treat it gently and keep braiding to the minimum. A net weave keeps tension off your tresses while you nurse them back into shape. To install a net, make one continuous perimeter cornrow around your entire hairline. Then make medium, large vertical or horizontal cornrows inside the perimeter braid. Sew the net to the perimeter braid and stitch your extensions to the net.


Before you braid your hair for a weave, condition it well, remove all tangles gently and use moisturizer, or you could have a raggedy mess on your hands when you take the braids out. Remember that tight braids cause hair loss. If you lose your hair, it can take a dermatologist's care and expensive prescriptions to get your hair back. So if your stylist braids your hair too tight, don't be afraid to speak up and say ouch!

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