What Bra to Wear With a Lace Back Tank

The right bra can take your lace back tank to a whole new level.

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Wearing a lace-back tank shows the world you are a true fashionista; but if you wear the wrong bra with it, you'll look more like a fashion faux pas. Having that open back can make your bra decision tres difficult. But don't fret -- a variety of bras allow you to wear that shirt and still keep your girls supported discreetly.

Getting Sticky With It

If you're not worried about being a bit bouncy, or if your girls are petite, try some stick-on-cups. The cups cover your bosom, which prevents any embarrassing see-through moments. Plus, they rest only on your chest, so you won't see anything on your back. Easy to apply and take off, these cups are a score.

Get Waisted

If your breasts need actual support, you'll need a bra that keeps them up and is super discreet. The answer? A bra that wraps around your waist. Available at many lingerie stores, these special bras are perfect for a lace-back tank, as you won't see the band through the back. Additionally, you also won't see any straps peeking out from under your tank. The feeling of this style may take a bit to get used to, but it's totally worth it.

Matching Bra

Feeling a bit saucy? Then go ahead and let your bra show. Wearing a strapless bra under your tank is not only sexy, but fashionable. However, you've got to wear the right one to pull off this look. Your best bet is to don a bra that matches what you're wearing. For instance, if you're rocking a black lace tank, go with a strapless black bra. Sporting something that doesn't match looks too distracting and not so stylish.

Nipple Covers

If you're not afraid to let it all hang out, go ahead. However, you'll want to keep your nipples under wraps, so do so with a pair of sticky nipple covers. This option isn't the greatest for women who have bust sizes that are greater than an A or B, as you won't have any support and they might look saggy. But if you don't mind go au naturale, this could be an option for keeping your lace-back tank strap free.

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