The Best Bra for Mature Women

As you get older, support in a bra becomes increasingly important.

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Older divas have one up on younger gals in that they've been around the block. Still, when it comes to breasts, mature women need a little more from their bras to look good. Although every lady has a unique physique that requires a specific design of bra, some designs or features are better choices for mature women.


The reality of getting a little older is that some flexibility goes out the window and joints don't work as well as they did when you were younger. That can make reaching around to fumble with a bra hook a total, literal pain. Not only that, but ladies often leave something to be desired in the posture department as the years go by. One of the best bras to fix these issues is a front-closure bra. These bras put the closure mechanisms in the front between the breasts. The ideal ones have larger hooks and eyes to make connecting the band a snap, although the entire closure mechanism shouldn't be too wide. By putting the band in the front, manufacturers can give you a wider band in the back, which translates to better support and less shifting of the bra as you move.

Underwire or Push-Up

A little drooping or draping can be awesome in an oversized sweater, but it's definitely not something you want to see in your breasts. Mature gals tend to lose firmness in their breasts, and unless you have a good bra, gravity will do its thing and pull those puppies straight down. Another bra that can top the "best" list for mature ladies is an under-wire or pushup. These bras offer support at the bottom of the cup, lifting the breasts back up into the proper position and, depending on the size of your breasts, giving you more defined cleavage. If your breasts tend to sag a little outward, a half-wire bra might work well. These bras have an under-wire only on the outer side of the cup near your arms, so they gently guide your breasts back to center.

Wide Band and Strap

In general, some of the best bras for mature ladies are ones that have wide bands and straps. As you lose firmness in your breasts and start to have less-than-stellar posture, you want a bra that offers as much support to both your breasts and back as possible. The wider band handles this. The straps of any bra are not designed to carry the entire weight of the breasts -- they're really only supposed to handle about 10 percent. Still, a wider strap distributes the weight of your breasts better so the bra doesn't dig into your shoulders. It makes it less likely that the straps will slip around on you and offers a little more power in the bra for pulling the breasts up at the ideal point between your elbows and shoulders.

Stretch-Resistant Fabric

Bras for mature ladies have a tough job to do. They have to provide more support and shaping to the breasts as the breasts start to loose firmness. The best bras thus are ones made from stretch-resistant materials. Although you want the material to be comfortable, you don't want something that is going to lose shape quickly -- it's better to invest in a bra that won't end up in the trash in just a few weeks. If you can tug on the cup, band or strap and see it give a lot, pass. Stretchy may be comfortable, but it won't support your gravity-prone "girls."

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