What Boots Will Go With Both Brown Pants and Black Pants?

A pair of tan boots can complement both your black and brown boots.

Photo: Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

In the colder winter months, you'll need some good boots to stay at the top of your style game. To do this, you need to select the best colors for your clothes. If you can't stretch your budget to buy more than one pair, you'll need to find one pair of boots that are the ideal shade for your brown and black pants.

Chocolate Brown

With brown and black pants, a dark, chocolate brown boot can help tie your look together and create a naturally complementary color mix. Both black and brown are neutral colors and pair well. A deep, rich chocolate brown will work effortlessly well with black and brown pants. While most shades of brown can pair with black pants, you need to be more careful when pairing browns with browns. A deep chocolate brown works with most other brown shades, but if the boot is a lighter chocolate or has orange or yellow hues, it may not work as well with your brown pants.


Tan is a light brown and can create a good color contrast for both black and brown pants. Tan is also a neutral color that pairs well with other neutrals. A smooth leather or suede pair of tan boots can draw the eye down and lend interest to your silhouette. Just like dark brown, there are different shades of tan. Some tend to have more yellow, orange or even pink tones. It's best to hold the tan boots against your brown pants to see if the shades are complementary before purchasing them.


Gray is another neutral that can complement both black and brown seamlessly. It offers just a slight color variation, making your overall look just a little more varied and interesting. Gray boots can add depth to your black pants -- and the right shade of gray can add interest to your brown pants as well. Since you'll find gray boots in a variety of shades, it's best to pair them with very dark brown pants, or hold them against your brown pants to see if the colors work together.


Black is effortlessly chic and an all-time favorite. If you wear black boots with your brown or black pants, you really can't go wrong. Black is suited to every leg length and width -- and is slimming as well. If your legs are long and slim, you can try black over- the-knee-boots with your skinny black or brown jeans. If your legs are a little thicker, go for a high-heeled black ankle boot instead. Either way, black will not let you down.

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