The Best Boot Linings for Sweaty Feet

Quick-drying fleece boot liners perform best in puddles.

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Wellies, men's boots originally crafted in 18th century London, have made a resurgence in modern women's couture. Initially constructed of calfskin by Scottish manufacturers, today's Wellington boots legitimize rubber footwear. This swing-season boot provides a stylish alternative for tromping through rain and mud puddles. Make your Wellies transition easily from rainy fall into winter with insulating boot liners. But remember, rubber boots don't breathe, creating a sticky situation for sweaty feet. Choose liners that warm while wicking perspiration, and abolish "swamp foot" forever.


Modern footwear designers place shearling on a pedestal. This natural material, consisting of sheep skin and wool, out-performs the best cold-weather insulators. Shearling liners keep feet warm, while transporting perspiration away from the skin and deep into the fibers. Even with sweaty feet, the end result is a dry and comfortable environment. Shearling boasts natural antimicrobial properties, assuring your boots will never smell. Plus, the velvety feel and fur-like appearance ramps up coziness without sacrificing style.


Think of fleece as shearling's synthetic counterpart. This man-made, polyester fabric mimics the qualities of wool. While shearling provides better insulation, fleece wicks moisture equally as well. And fleece's quick-drying nature is convenient for unintentional water seepage or leaky boots. If you tend to run hot, choose fleece over shearling for moderate warmth with maximum water-shedding properties.

Lightweight Synthetic

Synthetic polyester boot liners are thinner than fleece, offering minimal protection from the cold. Primarily used as a barrier between the sticky rubber boot and your skin, lightweight liners appeal to the minimalist. Opt for a pair with an antimicrobial treatment to avoid stinky feet. For the eco-conscious, go for liners made from recycled soda bottles and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Merino Wool

Merino wool may remind you of your grandfather's itchy socks; yet, itchy this fabric is not. The merino sheep yields the softest fleece of all breeds. Merino wool is used widely in high-end athletic garments to regulate body temperature when worn against the skin. As such, liners made of merino wool actually prevent your feet from sweating. Merino liners have a high warmth-to-weight ratio, providing comfort without the bulk. Similar to shearling, merino's antimicrobial and wicking properties provide a happy haven for your feet.

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