Body Spray Vs. Deodorant

Body sprays may feature citrus fragrances.

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Whether you plan on going for a hike in the mountains this weekend or meeting up with your friends at a trendy new club, one thing you don’t want to bring with you is body odor. Scented body sprays and deodorants help minimize body odor that occurs due to sweating and leave a touch of subtle fragrance on your skin.


Deodorants do not prevent you from sweating but rather mask any body odor that develops in your underarm area throughout the day. Deodorants may contain alcohol, which changes the pH level of your skin to reduce bacteria growth, according to Body sprays provide a light fragrance that is not as potent as regular perfume. Manufacturers design body-spray formulas for use on exposed skin, so instead of spraying perfume on your neck and wrists, try misting your skin and clothing with a body spray for a lighter scent. Body sprays may contain essential oils that act as fragrance agents.


Deodorants come in solid stick, gel, spray and liquid roll-on formulas. If you plan on wearing a dark-colored camisole or sleeveless cocktail dress, ensure your deodorant doesn’t leave any dreaded white marks on your clothing after you apply it. Manufacturers sell body-spray formulas in pump or aerosol spray bottles. Body sprays do not normally leave any visible residue on your skin. Both body-spray and deodorant formulas contain fragrances with floral or botanical hints or specific scent elements, like baby powder.


Typically you apply deodorant to your underarm area before you get dressed for the day or before you work up a sweat on the treadmill. You may reapply deodorant as often as you feel the need, but ensure you wash your underarm area thoroughly in the shower to eliminate any residual buildup. Apply a fine mist of body spray to areas of exposed skin, like your neck, arms or the back of your legs. You may need to apply body spray more often than deodorant, because most formulas contain an alcohol base that evaporates quickly.


Stashing a small bottle of body spray or a travel-size deodorant in your purse allows you to reapply it in the restroom while you’re out for the night, giving you body-odor protection no matter how late you stay out. If you nick your underarm area while shaving, try not to apply deodorant directly to the cut, as this may cause stinging and further skin irritation. Test a small amount of body spray on your skin before applying it liberally, to ensure that no allergic reaction occurs.

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