Why Are Boars Bristles Good in Hair Brushes?

Use a boar bristle brush to give your hair a treat.

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The hairbrush you choose will make or break your efforts to pamper your mane, and boar bristles are the best choice. Yes, they’re pricey, but they are good hairbrushes for a lot of different reasons.


As you brush, you gently move oils from your scalp down the hair shafts. Boar bristle hairbrushes contain natural bristles that resemble your own tresses. They absorb oils and dirt readily from your hair. When you use the boar bristle hairbrush once or twice a day, a distinctive gloss and shine should show in your hair.

Extra Manageability

The super-dense bristles of the brush are packed so tight they can tame even the toughest and coarsest hair with ease. A boar bristle brush has the strength to power through the snarls, but do it gently enough to avoid damaging the hair. Watch your hair as you brush to make sure the bristles are not breaking off any strands. You may find your brush even makes your hair healthier thanks to the distribution of oils from roots to tips.

Massage Scalp

The rounded bristles also massage your scalp effectively without scratching your scalp the way that synthetic bristles might. With this massaging comes improved blood circulation in your scalp. This means you get healthier hair that may grow faster and thicker. You may find yourself spending a little time each day working your scalp with the boar bristles.

Clean Hair

Because the bristles are so strong and dense, the brush can even clean your hair and scalp. Brush evenly from your scalp to the hair tips. This should remove the dirt and dust that falls into your hair throughout each day. Riquette Hofstein, author of "Grow Hair Fast: 7 Steps to a New Head of Hair in 90 Days," says you should wash the brush with shampoo every time you wash your own hair. Take the hairbrush into the shower with you and do hair washing and brush cleaning in one place.

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