Blush Colors for a Pale Face


Having fair skin doesn't mean you need to ditch wearing blush. Proceed with caution with your color choices and you will be a glowing goddess with nary a trace of Bozo the Clown. Take heed during virtual shopping, as those pics that make that pink look dainty do not always capture how bright or unnatural the color looks in real life.

Natural Glow

Stick to blush colors closer to your fair skin tone to rock that natural glow. The easiest way to land on the perfect color is to get moving. Do 10 jumping jacks or bend over and touch your toes for a few seconds. Check the color of your cheeks in the mirror. They should have the barest hint of a flush that adds color to your complexion without overpowering it. Choose a blush that matches this hue.

Tone and Undertone

So you found your perfect pink, but it drains your face of color as opposed to highlighting your features. This happens when you pick a blush that doesn't flatter your complexion's undertone. Many women with pale skin and fair hair have a blue undertone to their skin, meaning they require blush colors with a blue base. Check your skin tone in a matter of minutes by turning on the bathroom lights and placing yellow paper next to your face. Does your skin color intensify, or does it look dull? Toss the yellow paper and try a sheet of pink paper instead. The color that brings out your inner glow is the one that reflects your undertones. If you have pink undertones, stick to rosy hues with a bluish base. If you have yellow undertones, head for the aisle with the coral and peach tones.

Your Look Book

The right blush color will vary according to the look you seek. If you prefer a fresh and bright complexion, experiment with hues one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you seek that natural glow, use a pale or shimmery bronzer to add sun-kissed color. Your method of application also affects your blush tone. Use a large brush with natural hairs for a softer application of powder blush. For cream-based blush, rub in the color with a clean cosmetic sponge or your fingertips.


So you've landed the perfect blush color for your pale skin. However, that color may not suit you in every situation. The amount of sunlight hours in a season and the amount of time you spend outdoors will quickly redden or darken your fair complexion, making your winter blush color too light for summer application. Women with oily or combination skin may notice their blush color fading and disappearing within a matter of hours, unless they use a more matte, powder-based formulation.

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