Blush Colors for Dark Skin

Find a blush that flatters your gorgeous face.

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Putting on blush is part of the makeup process that can sometimes be forgotten or looked at as nonessential. However, blush is the icing on the cake; it gives a lively flush of color to your cheeks and keeps makeup from looking pasty or harsh. If you are a woman with dark skin you can choose from a variety of blush colors that will look amazingly flattering on you, but the trick is to find the best ones that make your face stand out from the crowd.

Pretty in Pinks

For women with dark skin, blush colors in varying shades of pink are ideal for your rich, deep complexion. If you have a light to medium brown skin tone stick with lighter pinks that are less pigmented. Colors like soft rose, petal pink or baby pink look smooth and effortless against your skin and provide a flattering contrast. Also, because your skin is dark, you don't want to choose blush that is too bright or it will look cartoonish. If you are a woman with medium to dark brown skin you will look your best in pinks that pop. Because of the deep tones of your skin, you can flawlessly pull off bright shades of blush that would overpower other complexions. Fuchsia, candy pink and watermelon shades provide a lovely dose of color and brighten your whole face. Remember the deeper/darker your skin tone, the more color it can take.

Sweet As a Peach

Blush colors in varying shades of peach work well because they fall in between the color spectrum. They're not as bright as pink, but provide more color than bronze or brown shades. For you lovely ladies with light to medium brown skin, gather up all the true peach and light coral shades you like because you look gorgeous in them. They don't overpower your coloring and bring a nice wash of color to the apples of your cheeks. Ladies with medium and dark brown complexions are able to wear bright coral and deep orange shades. While they may be too bright for others, they look breathtaking on you because they reflect the light and warm up the face.

Bronzed Goddess

If you want to wear blush without actually looking like you're wearing blush, then bronze and brown shades are perfect for you. While not as obvious as other brightly hued shades, they do offer a nice contour to the cheek and provide shimmer and sparkle to add depth and dimension to the face. Light to medium brown-skinned ladies should stick to deep browns or tawny shades because they provide an elegant contrast to your skin and the mixture of browns is very flattering. Those with medium to dark brown skin can revel in bold shades of bronze with hints of gold and copper. These shades dusted across your cheeks add an instant sparkle and glow that's effortless.

Plum it Up

This color is traditionally one of the hardest shades of blush to pull of because it is bright and deep at the same time. However, when you choose the right shade, plum is a flattering color. Just remember that the lighter the skin, the more muted shade of plum, and the darker the tone, the brighter shade of plum. So, women with light to medium brown skin should look for soft purples and lilacs with hints of light pink that will work with your complexion and not against it. Those with medium and dark complexions should stick to deep shades of plum that are bright and have hints of dark pink that will reflect the light.

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