How to Get Blue Jean Dye Out of Clothes Washed With Jeans

Noticing the stain early on is crucial.

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Have you ever messed up your laundry by putting something dark with something light. It happens when you wash jeans with a light blouse, and your favorite shirt ends up with blue spots all over it looking like a tie dye shirt. This is called dry transfer, and it can be difficult to remove. To prevent dry transfer, only wash like color and fabric content together.

Treat, Soak, Rub, Wash


Make sure when separating your laundry to put dark with light. If you don't, that is when dye transfer or bleeding occurs. When you get the laundry out, inspect each garment. The longer the stain sets, the tougher it is to get out. Don't dry the clothes or let them stay in the washer too long. Over time and with heat, the stain will set in.


Put the stained item back in the washer at the warmest water temperature safest for the garment with color safe bleach. Once the clothes go through the wash again, the stain may come out. If not use a small amount of ammonia on a wash cloth and let it set for about 30 minutes. Blot it every five minutes.


If steps 1 and 2 have not removed the blue spots left from jeans, then use a wash cloth to gently rub some rubbing alcohol on the stains. Let it set 30 minutes and blot and rub it every so often. Put the garment back in the washing machine and wash on cold. This will remove the rubbing alcohol smell.

Things You'll Need




5.Wash cloth

2.Color safe bleach

4.Rubbing alcohol

6.Washing machine


Tips & Tricks


Wash jeans separately before wearing them to decrease the chances of them bleeding on other clothes.

You can also use vinegar to get stains out.

If for some reason the dye does not come out, try dying the clothing blue with clothing dye.

Do not mix chlorine bleach and ammonia, it will create hazardous fumes.


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