Blow-Out Hairstyles

Try a blow-out hairstyle.

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A blow-out might seem straight forward, but there are actually lots of different ways that you can manipulate your hair into fashionable styles using a blow dryer. If you're looking to get a blow-out, learn a few styles and techniques that are guaranteed to make your tresses look fab.

Sleek and Straight

You'll want to make sure you have freshly trimmed ends for this one. Start by applying a relaxing balm to damp hair, combing it through -- if your hair is naturally straight you can skip this step. Then, blow dry hair using a flat brush. Dry it straight down to get it pin straight and you're all set.

It's a Wrap

Get your hair straight but keep it's body with this cool technique. Wrap wet hair around the head horizontally. Make sure it's good and tight and smooth -- otherwise your hair will dry with lumps. Place a stocking cap over your hair and blow dry it until it's about 80 percent straight. Then take your stocking cap off and wrap your hair in the other direction. Blow dry that the rest of the way and then comb your hair out.

Bouncy Blow-Out

Want big, bouncy, beautiful hair? Start by applying a dollop of mousse to damp hair. Then blow dry hair using a round brush. Pull tightly at the roots and loosen up as you work your way down. Take random sections of freshly blow-dried hair -- you'll want to make sure your hair is still hot, and wrap them around two fingers to create a natural looking curl.

Get Creative

Here's one for the curly-haired girls. It doesn't even involve a brush. Take damp hair and grab it in sections at the midpoint of your hair. Hold each sections taut and blow dry the top half of your hair to get it straight. Now, take that same section and twist it from the midpoint down and blow dry that. The result is a full-bodied blowout with a more relaxed curl.

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