How to Blow-Dry Permed Hair

A diffuser attachment is a must for your blow-dryer.

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Permed hair can be fickle and morph into a frizz ball, so many ladies opt to air dry. Sometimes, though, time is a luxury and you hardly have time to do anything before you have dash out the door. So, you improvise and pull out the blow-dryer to banish the moisture from your mane. While this is a perfectly viable solution, you can't just blow and go if you want your curly coif to look well-groomed.


Wrap your freshly washed hair ever so gently in a towel. The towel will help soak up excess moisture. You want your hair to be damp, not drippy.


Remove the towel after two or three minutes and spritz your strands with a moisturizing spray especially for your permed 'do.


Attach a diffuser to your blow-dryer and flip the switch to low or medium. Cup your curls in your hand as you dry sections of your hair.


Halt the action when your hair is almost dry and tousle your curls with your fingers --- gentle touch required --- until it's dry.

Things You'll Need



3.Hairdryer with low and medium settings

2.Moisturizing lotion

4.Diffuser attachment


Tips & Tricks


Alternate between low and medium settings while blow-drying your hair.

Never use the high setting on your blow-dryer when drying your permed hair because you could encounter heat damage and the frizz factor.


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