Blond Hairstyles & Colors

Soft blond curls and having at least part of your hair down is a sure bet for presenting your lightened tresses to the world.

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If you ever have wondered if the old saying about blonds having more fun is true, there's one way sure fire way to find out: go blond. Not every woman can pull it off, but there's more than one color of blond, which means that more than one shade of skin tone can make it happen. You could be one of them. If you decide to go for it, you'll want to style your hair in ways that show off those sun-kissed-looking locks.

Skin Tone

Before you jump into a change of hair color, you have to know your skin tone. It's not as complicated as picking which season you are or looking into your genealogy. All you really need to know is whether you're warm- or cool-toned. Women with fair skin can be warm-toned, and women with darker skin can be cool, so it's not about being Nordic either. Turn your wrist over. If your veins look green, you're warm toned. If your veins look purple or blue, you're cool-toned. It's that simple. The next thing you need to know is what color blonds go with cool-toned skin and which ones go with warm-toned.

Color Spectrum

The color spectrum of blond is longer than most women think. Subtle shade differences add up to different colors. But like your skin, it's really about the undertone in the color and knowing if it's essentially warm or cool. Blond colors that work with warm-toned skin are honey, caramel and those with a hint of red. Think of Jennifer Aniston, who perennially lightens her locks with honeyed highlights. The word golden on a box of hair dye ensures that it's in the warm-toned family. Cool-toned colors are platinum, dirty and beige. The words champagne and ash indicate a cool-colored blond hair dye.

Down Style

If you want to really show off your blond color, wearing your hair down fully or partially is the way to be a head turner. Use a round brush to give volume and movement to your blond tresses when you blow them out. You can get soft curls by using large or medium Velcro rollers and spritzing your hair with light hold hair spray to keep it bouncing all day long. Braids and twists are ways to keep your hair down, but out of your face. Two small hair twists taken from each side of your head, above your ears, and pinned together at the back gives you a sweet style. If your hair is long, try a loose braid and sling it over the front of your shoulder so it hangs down your front. If you want something that looks striking, take your flat iron to blown out locks for a sleek, straight style.


Just because your hair is down, doesn't mean that it has to look boring. Pick up some rhinestone bobby pins or hair pins and insert them into your hair for a little bit extra. They catch the light and draw eyes to your hair. A simple headband is another way to keep your hair down without having to mess with it during the day. Hair accessories class and dress-up any style, plus they're perfect for medium and short lengths that are difficult to put up.

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