How to Blend Hair Dye

Blend two hair dyes to create your own custom hair color shade.

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One box of over-the-counter hair dye doesn't always deliver salon results. Professional colorists mix different shades to create a rich, custom look, says Beverly Hills colorist Lorri Goddard-Clark. Combine two boxes of color from the same brand to create a custom shade at home. Blend butter and lemon shades to give light and sparkle to blond hair or cinnamon and coffee tones to add sultry depth to brunette colors, suggests Goddard-Clark. Redheads gain an extra dose of fiery passion through a combination of merlot and apricot. Experiment to find the blend that gives you the hot look you crave.


Remove the tint bottle or tube from each of the two hair dye boxes. Use the marker to draw a horizontal line on the bottles to divide the mixture into two halves. For gel tints, squeeze the tubes to evenly disperse the dye mixture, then draw a line on the tubes at the halfway point. If you prefer to measure out the correct amount instead, determine how many ounces of tint are in the container (two ounces is the norm), divide it in half and pour or squeeze that amount into a measuring cup.


Remove one developer solution from either of the two hair color boxes. The developer is a creamy, white liquid packaged in a bottle with a pointy cap. Unscrew the cap from the bottle and cut off the marked tip end with your scissors.


Twist off the cap of one of the color tints and pour or squeeze the measured amount into the developer solution. Repeat this process with the second tint color. Screw the pointy cap back on the developer bottle.


Put on the rubber gloves from one of the color boxes and use your gloved forefinger to cover the open tip of the developer bottle. Shake the bottle thoroughly to blend the two tints with the developer solution. This blended mixture gives you 30 to 40 minutes of color time before it chemically breaks down and becomes ineffective.


Follow the manufacturer's directions to apply the mixture to your hair to create your own sizzling color blend results.

Things You'll Need


1.Two boxes of hair dye

3.Measuring cup (optional)




Tips & Tricks


For best results, choose colors from the same tone family. Don't blend cool ash tones with warm golden colors.

Write down the color combinations that give you the hottest results for use in future coloring sessions.

Don't mix different tint formulations together, such as a gel tint with a liquid dye.

Don't mix two brands of hair color together. Always choose two shades from the same brand.


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