How to Blend Hair With Clippers

Clippers create short, textured cuts.

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Shelves, ledges, bowls and lines were all the rage when it came to hair fashion in the '80s. And just like some other fashion trends of that era -- M.C. Hammer pants anyone? -- abruptly ending and sharply contrasting cut lines belong in the past. Today, short clipper cuts blend perfectly from one length to another without drawing visual interest to the change. Clippers can cut more than two lengths. If you're not blending from one to the other with clippers, you need to pick them up and get started.

Guard Method


Use a mid-sized guard attachment to blend hair from one guard size to another. If you used a 6 guard and a 8 guard for the cut, use a 7 guard for the blend.


Use the extension lever on the side of the clippers to blend from one guard size to the next. To blend from a 5 to a 6, extend the lever and cut along the blend line.


Use short, frequent strokes along the blend line with clippers. Always cut from the bottom to the top while holding the cutting blade parallel with the floor. Do not cut up into the second, longer length with clippers. Concentrate on the narrow area of the blend only to avoid having to turn that short, cropped cut into a crew cut.

Clipper Over Comb


Remove all guards from the clippers and make sure the extension lever is at the lowest setting.


Hold the comb vertically and push the teeth of the comb into the hair at the blend line. Move the comb in closer to the head or further from the head until the comb creates a line from the longer length to the shorter length. Turn on the clippers and run the bare blade along the outside of the comb, removing the point of hair extending beyond the comb.


Move slightly to the left or right and keep blending with the clippers and comb until all the hair blends perfectly.

Things You'll Need



3.Clipper guards



Tips & Tricks


The guard method is the easiest, so use it if you cut all your hair with clippers. If you need to blend from scissors to clippers, use the clipper-over-comb method. Always opt for the easiest solution.

Knicks, dings, holes and other horrific things can happen when you choose the clipper-over-comb method. Do not shape or change the length of your hair with this method. Only blend from one previously cut point to another. And never cut without knowing exactly where you are. Bald spots happen to good people!


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