If I Have Bleached Blond Hair, How to Get Light Brown Hair Color Without Going Green?

To avoid green hair, use a warm-brown color like that of Holly Marie Combs' hair.

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Bleached-blond hair readily absorbs the base color of whatever color you put on it. Ash colors -- ash is just colorist lingo for green -- have a green base. Slap an ash color on your hair, and you'll end up looking a bit froggy. Other color bases may leave you with different set of issues. Beige colors typically take on a smoky or grayish tinge. To keep your hair looking natural, pick a natural brown -- the terms neutral and natural are used interchangeably in color -- or a warm brown color.


Pick a light brown hair color with a warm, natural or neutral base. Mix 2 oz. of it with 2 oz. 10-volume color developer. You can dump it all in the color bottle, screw on the lid and shake it until blended.


Apply the color to your dry hair, from the roots to the ends. Put on gloves first, though. Brown hair color will stain your skin and fingernails, especially if your skin is dry. Make sure you get the color on all your hair by taking small sections and working the color in with your fingers as you go.


Wait 35 minutes.


Rinse with warm water for five minutes. Shampoo twice to remove all the color. Work conditioner through your hair, clear through to the ends. Wait three minutes and rinse with cool water.

Things You'll Need


1.Warm brown hair color

3.Color bottle



2.10-volume color developer




Tips & Tricks


If your hair is damaged, mist it with color filler before attempting to color it. You can purchase color filler at any beauty supply store.


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