How to Bleach a Stain Out of a White Shirt

Nothing is crisper than a clean white shirt!

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A stain, even a small one, can make a white shirt unwearable. But often, it can seem like a bit of a chore to get that spot clean. Regular laundry detergent is not always strong enough, and straight bleach can ruin the shirt altogether. But don't give up hope and toss that shirt into the giveaway pile -- with a few products and determination, you can wash that stain right out of your shirt.


Using the wide tip of a bleach pen, generously apply gel to stain, gently scrubbing the gel into the fabric with the pen's plastic bristles.


Allow the gel to sit on the stain for 10 minutes, then check to see whether the spot has faded. If you think it needs more work, scrub it again with bristles, squeezing out a bit more gel.


Let the shirt sit another 10 minutes and rinse in warm water.


Set your washing machine on a small but hot laundry cycle and pour a 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach into the bleach compartment. Put a little bit of laundry detergent straight on the spot before throwing the garment into the washing machine and begin the cycle.


Dry the shirt as you normally would.

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While it might seem tempting to pour chlorine bleach right onto the stain, try to resist-- straight bleach can cause the shirt fibers to weaken, eventually causing a hole.


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