How to Bleach Hair Blonde Without a Kit

Bleaching your hair at home can be easier than you think.

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Transforming yourself into a blond bombshell is not an impossible fashion challenge, although achieving that perfect shade of platinum does take a bit of effort. The most common way to bleach your hair blond is with a bleaching kit, but harsh chemical bleach is not the only way to reach blond perfection. With a few products you may already have hanging around your cupboards, you can prove that blonds really DO have more fun!


Wash away grime and buildup with a clarifying shampoo. Dirty hair doesn't accept bleaching as well as clean hair, so clean it up before you get down and dirty.


Dry your hair with a clean towel, and comb through your hair to encourage it to air dry. The drier your hair, the more bleaching solution it will absorb with each application.


Add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, 2 tbsp. pure ammonia and 1 cup distilled water to a bowl, and stir to combine. Mix in enough powered soap flakes to form a thick paste, and smear this mixture over your head. Your head may stink to high heaven, but you'll be blond before you know it.


Cover your head with a shower cap, and run a blow dryer over your scalp. Heat speeds the bleaching process, and will lighten your hair faster than just sitting around. Spend 20 minutes watching your fave soap or catching up on the latest gossip with your bestie while your homemade bleach turns your style from drab to fab.


Rinse your hair with warm water, scrubbing your fingers through your hair to remove as much of the bleaching mixture as possible. Bleaching is very drying to your hair, so apply a deep conditioner immediately after bleaching to restore softness and shine to your newly bleached locks.

Things You'll Need


1.Clarifying shampoo

3.1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide

5.1 cup distilled water

7.Soap flakes

9.Blow dryer


4.2 tbsp. ammonia

6.Small bowl

8.Shower cap

10.Deep conditioner


Tips & Tricks


You may need to repeat the bleaching process once a week until your hair reaches your desired shade of blond. Rebleaching is very hard on your hair, and repeating the process too often can burn your hair and leave you with an unsightly Bozo-like poof.


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